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Recordings of previous Webinars are available upon request. Should you wish uus to rerun a previous webinar please let us know at or on WhatsApp.

This webinar covered the fundamentals of Montessori philosophy and its application in the elementary environment. As well as the key principles of Montessori education and how they can be used to create a nurturing and engaging classroom environment.

This webinar covered how the role of the adult in the Montessori classroom is different from that of a conventional teacher, and why this matters if one wants to help children develop beyond low level skills and rote memorization. If. you want to know how to develop interest, imagination and independence in your classroom

Led by experienced Montessori educators, this webinar will delve into the key features of Montessori education that are specifically designed to support children’s literacy development. We’ll explore practical strategies and techniques that you can use to help your child or students develop strong reading and writing skills.